VETiS (Vocational Education Training in Schools) program Queensland Goverment Funded program. LT Training is a Queensland Preferred Supplier (QPS) for Certificate II in Horticulture and approved as a Skills Assure Supplier (SAS). VETiS is funding for schools.

Skills Assure

Under the SAS system, funding follows the eligible student to their chosen SAS and is paid directly to the SAS on submission of the student’s validated training data.

Who is eligible for VETiS funding?

To be eligible, students must meet the following requirements in order to receive a VETiS qualification supported by the Queensland Government:

  • Be currently enrolled in a secondary school in Years 10, 11 or 12;
  • Permanently reside in Queensland;
  • Be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes humanitarian entrant), temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residence, or a New Zealand citizen;
  • Not completed or currently enrolled in another funded VETiS program.

What costs are involved?

None for schools in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast areas (travel costs may apply for schools out of our area). LT Training, a provider funded by the VET investment budget, VETiS (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) is available to students without any fees. Through LT Training’s arrangement with schools, this means that students should not be charged any fees by the school for the VETiS-funded (Certificate II) qualification, as it has already been subsidized through VETiS.

How will VETiS (VET in Schools) work?

  • We do the training face to face 1 – 2 times a fortnight
  • We will set up a third-party contract with your school.
  • The School is in charge of recruiting students.
  • LT Training will be in charge of training and assessing the students.
  • The School can deliver up to 50% of the training and assessment if approved by LT Training in the contract.
  • The School, with the help of our trainer, is in charge of the enrolment process.
  • No costs, fully funded
  • 4 QCE credits for completing Certificate II in Horticulture

What is VETiS funding?

While still in School, some students choose to pursue nationally recognized vocational education and training (VET) certifications.

VET focuses on practical learning that directly relates to the workplace. Different industries create qualifications that are widely recognized throughout the country, providing individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for specific jobs.

Students have the option to pursue VET in a classroom setting. They can enroll in a qualification offered by an external Registered Training Organization (RTO) that is supported and delivered by their school’s own RTO. The funding for these qualifications can come from the department’s VET investment budget or through fee-for-service agreements, where the student or parent covers the cost of the qualification as a school-based apprentice or trainee.

Do all the students need to have VETiS funding?

No, during the enrollment process, eligible students will have the option to decide whether they want to receive the VETiS subsidy for the specific VETiS-funded qualification. If students choose to opt-in, they need to acknowledge that they have been adequately informed about the availability of VETiS funding for this qualification before confirming their selection. It is also necessary for the teacher to acknowledge that the student’s parent or guardian has received the necessary information about VETiS through the completion or return of LT Training’s Parent Acknowledgement form.

Before reporting a student as eligible for VETiS, LT Training’s internal procedure requires confirmation from the nominated Program Manager regarding the student’s eligibility for accessing the VETiS subsidy.

For students who choose not to receive the VETiS subsidy (i.e., Fee for Service), a participant fee will be charged upon enrollment.

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