You can view our full policies in the student handbook here.

Refund Policy

If LT Training is responsible for cancelling a course, participants are entitled to a full refund.

LT Training will grant an appropriate refund of fees when a participant amends their re-enrolment or enrolment status, if the following conditions are met:

  • If the advice of cancellation is received by an LT Training facility or contractor more than five (5) days before course commencement. LT Training will refund paid course fees within two weeks of receipt of cancellation.
  • The course fees will not be refunded:
  1. The client cancels less than five days before the course starts.
  2. If the student wants to cancel and there are no business hours before the short course starts or when the course has commenced.
  3. If the student does not turn up for the day
  4. The student starts the course and withdraws from the course before the completion
  • If extreme hardship or extenuating circumstances prevent participation in the course, an application can be made to the operations manager for a refund or transfer to an alternative scheduled date. Applying does not guarantee a full or partial refund or transfer.
  • If the operations manager approves a transfer, there may be an administration fee. The alternative date chosen must already have existing enrolments. LT Training will monitor the bookings and let the client know if the selected date will not work.
  • Clients can visit the complaints process of LT Training if they wish to appeal the refund policy or refund/transfer outcome.   

Please allow LT Training up to ten (10) working days to process any refund requests.

Students are not permitted to transfer course fees to another student without first seeking the approval of the Chief Executive Officer


Pre-enrolment information provided to students is designed to ensure that all details relating to fees and charges are known prior to enrolment. The total enrolment fee is payable on enrolment to any program or partial program. If the course costs more than $1500 a minimum deposit of $1500 is required. The balance of the program fees are to be paid weekly after the course commences in not more than $1500 instalments.

Fees and Refunds

Fees are payable before the course commences, details of which are contained in the relevant course information sheet. LT Training’s management ensures that fees paid in advance are accounted for in a separate financial control centre, and are clearly identified within the student record management system.

All fees for short courses costing up to $1500 are paid at the time of enrolment before the course starts. Students enrolling in courses that costs more than $1500 are requested to pay a non-refundable deposit of $500 at the time of enrolment.  

LT Training operates a refund policy, which is fair, equitable, and in accordance with policy and procedures as set out in LT Training’s Operations Policy and Procedures.

Once students have started studying their chosen qualification or course, LT Training will remain committed to providing the highest quality of training and assessment as outlined to the student handbook. In the event that LT Training is no longer able to provide the training and assessment services as initially agreed, then every effort will be made to arrange for agreed training and assessment to be completed through another RTO at no additional cost to the student. Prior to the transfer students will be formally notified of the arrangements including any refund of fees that may be applicable.

Cooling-Off Period

Short course enrolments

These courses have specific fixed costs which must be paid, often before the commencement session. Therefore, the cooling-off period will be up to five (5) days before the course commences. Refer to the refund policy below.  

Self-paced enrolments

A fourteen-day (14-day) cooling-off period applies for all self-paced enrolments. 

However, this cooling off period is deemed to be waived if the student commences training and/or submits assessment materials during that period. By this action they are deemed to have entered fully into a contract of service provision with the RTO. After this event there is no refund except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Operations Manager or CEO.

In this case, no refund can be claimed for Unit(s) or module(s) in which training has already commenced. 

In this instance, RTO can only offer a deferred enrolment. Therefore, cash refund applications will not be accepted.

Traineeships and Apprentices

A thirty (30) day cooling-off period (normal probation period) shall apply for all enrolments in existing worker traineeships/apprenticeships. Refund applications received during this period shall be paid immediately and in full. 

Refund arrangements outside of this period shall be defined by the contract between RTO (as Supervising Registered Training Organisation) and the employer. Given that the funding arrangements are generally fees paid after training has been delivered, an employer may be asked to make pro-rata payments for any costs in arrears.

In general, we offer a full refund for advance payments where the trainee provides notice in writing more than fourteen (14) days before the scheduled training session.