What chainsaw equipment do I need to operate a chainsaw?

If you’re reading this you probably know that chainsaws and felling trees is a lot more dangerous than using your average power tools. This isn’t exactly a tool that you buy, unbox then go out to the backyard and start cutting down a tree without any experience. Below in this article, you will see all the chainsaw equipment that you might need.

Each year almost 1000 Australians get a major injury from chainsaw usage, these are mainly on the legs and knees (36%), and the left hand and wrist (35%). To put in perspective how bad chainsaw injuries like these are, they on average require 110 stitches!

Chainsaw Equipment you need:

  1. The number one thing that you will need before starting your chainsaw up is knowledge. Our courses ‘Operate and Maintain Chainsaws’, and ‘Fell Small Trees’ will teach you exactly what to do and then get you to practice them. These courses will also issue you a ‘Statement of Attainment’ certifying competence of the unit.
  2. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that you will need:
  • Protective Helmet
  • Visual Protection – Helmet visor or googles
  • Boots – Most steel toe work boots or Chainsaw boots
  • Trousers – Check for chainsaw fabric classification
  • Jacket – Check for chainsaw fabric classification
  • Gloves – Chainsaw safety mitt
  • Ear protection
Chainsaw Equipment

For more information about PPE (personal protective equipment) visit Worksafe.