Do I need a licence to spray herbicides?

licence to spray herbicides

According to the ‘Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966’ in Queensland you do need a licence to spray herbicides on land that you do not own or occupy, you require a commercial operator’s licence or ACDC licence.

To get your licence to spray herbicides you first need to complete a ACDC chemical licence course then you can apply for a comercial operators licence with the department of agriculture and fisheries. Book your upcoming ACDC course now Book now.

Prevention is better than cure

The main aim of licensing commercial operators is to promote responsible chemical use. By satisfying the competencies of the licence qualification, commercial operators have shown that, among other things, they know the equipment and herbicides that they will be using and the effects that weather, herbicide label, calibration and other conditions may have on their chemical application.

We read about deaths and poisoning cases all the time. In 2015, a Queensland farmer died after the deadly herbicide accidentally sprayed into his mouth when he was filling a pressure back-pack pump spray.  In 2017, a young man miraculously survived when drinking a fatal cocktail of herbicides because someone left the chemicals in a Coke bottle.

Another spray disaster is spray drift.  Companies and farmers have lost thousands of dollars because of spray drift occurrences.  Negligence happens when applying the herbicides near build-up areas or near farms where crops are growing.  Our course will inform you of the actions you could undertake to minimise spray drift.

What happens if I do not hold the ACDC licence?

Whether you are employed or working by yourself as a contractor, everybody leaves themselves open to prosecution by the ACDC act.

Businesses have been losing contracts because nobody holds the ACDC licence.

When there is an incident like poisoning, spray drift or unwanted environmental damage, you failed your duty of care as a business to provide a safe workplace or work environment.

What are the benefits of having your ACDC Chemical Licence?

  • Improve your employability
  • Safety for long term health
  • Improved environmental care and awareness
  • The skills and knowledge to apply herbicides correctly
  • Hazard and risk management
  • Education on – Identifying weeds, Using integrated pest management methods to determine the best control method, safely preparing, and apply chemicals, calibration, use spray plans, transportation, management, and storage
  • Skills to maintain workplace safety and avoid accidents

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