How to get your Agriculture Chemicals Licence (ACDC Licence)

To get your Agriculture Chemicals Licence or also known as ACDC Licence in Queensland, you have to first be competent in Two (2) units of competency and then submit them to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Step 1: Do an ACDC Course The first thing you need to do is a course in Agriculture […]

What chainsaw equipment do I need to operate a chainsaw?

If you’re reading this you probably know that chainsaws and felling trees is a lot more dangerous than using your average power tools. This isn’t exactly a tool that you buy, unbox then go out to the backyard and start cutting down a tree without any experience. Below in this article, you will see all […]

Do I need a licence to spray herbicides?

According to the ‘Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966’ in Queensland you do need a licence to spray herbicides on land that you do not own or occupy, you require a commercial operator’s licence or ACDC licence. To get your licence to spray herbicides you first need to complete a ACDC chemical licence course then […]